Strategies for Maximizing the Value

Strategies for Maximizing the Value

As an online casino fan, you’re going to run into bonus opportunities all over the place. Some of the keys to this include having a good idea of how long it’s going to take you to clear the bonus and what kind of profit you can expect to get from the bonus offer itself. There are very simple calculations that can help you with this kind of thing, and we are going to show you the strategies that you can use to find these numbers and make good decisions about which deals you take advantage of.

A good starting point is looking at the percentage match and the play-through requirement along with if you’ll be able to cash out the deal and deciding what kind of profit you can expect from the bonus on average. For example, suppose you have a 100 percent match up to $200 and make a $200 deposit to take advantage. If the play-through is 25 times the bonus and the deposit for a game that has a 1.5 percent house advantage, then you’re going to wager through 25 * $400 which is $10,000 total. Take 1.5 percent of that to get $150 which will be the cost of playing the games. This gives you a profit of $50 from your $200 bonus.

It’s really important to know what kind of bonus you’re getting. A cashable bonus is good for any type of player who’s looking to try to pull a profit on the promotion. A non-cashable deal, however, is only good for players who are looking to “go big or go home.” Essentially, this means that you’re either looking to pull in a big score or go bust trying. This is a strategy that a lot of players use, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Other than this consideration, the only real thing you have to be careful about is knowing when the bonus expires and knowing which games are restricted. For example, many seasoned veterans accidentally skip over the amount of time they have to clear a bonus to find that it expires before they’ve had enough time to release it to their account. You also want to avoid situations where you deposit to take advantage of a bonus offer only to discover that the games you want to play aren’t allowed.

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